“The amount of clothes I need for work has been overwhelming over my 29 years on-air,” says chief KARE 11 meteorologist Belinda Jensen. “I do not have a ton of ‘fun’ clothes because my budget runs out with the work stuff, so it’s good that style — pretty conservative, with bright, plain colors — works for me either way.”

One way Jensen has stayed on top of trends is by asking style expert Jodi Mayers (a managing partner of J. Hilburn Men’s Clothier and consultant for Stella & Dot Family Brands) about the pieces that’ll pop on camera without detracting from her daily reports. Or in the case of chromakey-canceling greens, washing her away entirely.

Since Mayers and Jensen are set to host this fall’s Style Edina show — a benefit for the community non-profit Edina Give and Go on September 25 at the Westin Edina Galleria— we thought we’d ask Jodi to share her top sartorial picks for the upcoming season, along with where you’ll be able to find that fashion locally.

Mayers had one caveat before we got started though: “Not all trends are for all people. Thoughtfully pick and choose what you embrace. The trends below should be easy to incorporate in one’s closet without a lot of work or expense….”


A favorite in Minnesota — and one of the main reasons so many of us stay here — fall brings about a glorious landscape of natural, earthy hues and chunky textures. Our fall wardrobes reflect that. Bring on the dark greens of the pine trees and the bright grassy greens of the lawns. We’re going to see an uber-vibrant green sprinkled in this season, including some hues that may come very close to tipping into neon territory.

Where to snag some epic greens?

Try Macy’s at Southdale Center.

This past spring, we also saw some ‘typical’ fall colors grace our warm weather color palettes; rust, marigold and burgundy got some early play and will continue to have a strong showing for fall.  A lot of the spring items we incorporated last March and April (if layered correctly) will mix in well with your fall wardrobe, including rust and copper, marigold and amber, coral and salmon, and burgundy and rhubarb; these colors will dominate the warm hues.

Where to find some amazing warm hues to refresh your fall wardrobe?

Try Express at Southdale Center.

Edina Art Fair


Perfect for MN. Who doesn’t want to be stylish and warm? Not only will the Fair Isle knit continue strong for fall, but we’ll also see other leisurely-meets-casual wear contenders vie for closet space.

As the weather cools, our layer game can sometimes take on a new dimension, and slowly but surely, we start to lose our shapes under those more relaxed, chunky garments. One saving grace may be that the shift dress and more manageable ‘packable’ puffers will help keep us from going full Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Add to this look the sensible and versatile shoe game and we’ve got ourselves a whole lot of loafers and boots with lugged soles for traction. ‘Chunky feet’ as I like to call them — practical, comfortable, versatile and also chunky.

Where to find great outer layers and stylish, comfortable shoes? 

Try Trailmark at Galleria.

Centennial Lakes Park 2015


Chalk it up to too much time at home — working from home, going to school from home, missing one’s classmates/workmates and extracurricular activities — but we’re more excited than usual to return to school and/or the office. The theme of this trend is versatility, functionality and convenience.

Here comes the classic prints: houndstooth, stripes and checks along with the logoed varsity sweatshirts and graphic T-shirts. The grandpa vibe can also be strong with this trend: knitted vests, cardigan sweaters, and blazers with patch pockets.

You can’t go wrong with white shirts, too, so refresh those button-downs, T-shirts and tank tops as you’ll need them for this trend. To funk up the grandpa vibe, a cool leather jacket or trench coat may be in order; one can never go wrong layering those trusty staples into a look.

The shoes are no different — multi-purpose, sophisticated sneakers, equestrian-inspired boots, and chic loafers in fun colors and animal prints (like snakeskin and croc).

Where to find loads of classic, preppy prints? 

Try Melly at Galleria.

Where to find an abundance of knit styles, from T-shirts to sweaters and sweatshirts? 

Try Equation at 50th and France.

food mr pauls


Bootcut, flare, boyfriend, high-waisted, wide-leg, mom-style, baggy jeans…. Skinny jeans aren’t out, out, but most of the updated styles will be more relaxed, roomier and comfortable. Pair this with a graphic T-shirt, an oversized button-down or a flannel and you’ve pretty much got this trend nailed. Add a combat boot or platform shoe to help tame those long, wide legs.

Try a new twist by pairing your oversized denim with a fitted suit vest as your shirt and platform sneaker or loafer. Can you say ‘cool mom’?

Where to find great denim and other cool girl items? 

Check out Serge + Jane at 44th and France.

billy reid 2


It’s not just for biker jackets anymore! Real leather, faux leather, suede, vegan… you’ll see it all! This season, this trusty sidekick is stretching its legs by showing up in trench coats, bomber jackets, classic blazers and everything in between, including jumpsuits, button-down shirts and accents, to give a little edge to your business attire.

I’m all about leather — in all colors and in all ways — so bring it on!  Everyone needs an effortless outerwear item, and this very well could be the one. You’ll get an instant outfit lift with one of these grained companions, so dive right in! This trend will work for anyone!

Where to find the best leather items? 

Check out bumbershute at 50th and France.